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This eleven-week Bible Study invites people into a sustained engagement with the Coalition's Statement, drawing from the riches of Scripture to demonstrate how opposition to Christian Nationalism (including its manifestation in the actions of Ottawa Impact) is indeed a matter of faith. Designed for small groups or whole church studies, this small book will lead you through the stories and ideals of Scripture, drawing inspiration for advocacy and action in our own time.

Download a Sample

If you'd like to download a sample section to see an example of what a week's study would look like, you can do that online here.

Order Booklets on this page
or Hardcover Copies Here

There are two ways to get a copy of this Bible Study. You can use the form below to get it in a booklet form (saddle stitched with a folded over cardstock cover) for $5. This is often preferred for those ordering multiple copies in bulk. Or, if you'd prefer, you can get a hardcover book version for $20.99 online at


If you'd like the booklet version, please fill out the form below. The first orders should ship by the middle of December. 

Book Study Order Form


Booklet versions of the study are $5 and may be ordered below. 


You may either have them shipped to you ($5 for up to 10, and then $5 for each multiple over that), or you can pick them up at the Parish Office of St. John's Episcopal Church (524 Washington, Grand Haven, MI, 49417).

Select an option

When you click the payment button, you will be taken to a page where will be able to make a donation to the Parish Outreach Fund at St. John's Episcopal Church in the total amount of your order (so write down your total cost that you noted above!). That is the fund that is being used to get the books, and also to support their work with the Unifying Coalition. All funds from booklets will go to Unifying Coalition work or other outreach needs external to the parish. 

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